Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

My 31st birthday was Thursday and the babies celebrated by getting colds. It's a wonderful birthday gift to give their mother. I love the opportunity to suck snot out of their noses and watch them gag themselves while trying to eat! Honestly though, we've been lucky so far. This is their first cold and as far as colds go, this one is pretty tame. Stuffy noses and a little bit of coughing is as bad as it's gotten so far. They have been sleeping quite a bit too. With both Pat and I working in schools we were bound to bring something home to them. Grandpa survived another week of working. He even tried to teach the babies to sing along to "Happy Birthday." I guess he really had Seamus going with the singing along. He loves talking to us and will answer you back whenever you talk to him. If you don't pay attention to him he'll start to yell until you do. I guess Helena was crying the other day while Grandpa was here and Seamus was just yelling away over her crying. We think he might have been telling her to be quiet! Both he and Katie are already very protective of their little sister. It's funny to watch them try to hold her hand. She quiets right down whenever they touch her! The first picture shows Helena holding onto Seamus. The second is of us celebrating my birthday!

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Anne N. said...

Happy birthday, Mary! I never thought of this before, but I guess it's obvious that if one of your kids gets sick, they all get sick... fun fun fun. Well they have to build their immune system sometime. Look out for sick symptoms again at teething time... the doctors deny any connection between teething and germs, yet Dorothy had runny/stuffed noses and such every time (and she's not the only kid like that). Take care, Anne