Sunday, August 10, 2008


The babies went for their ultrasounds and x-rays on Wednesday and it's taken me until today to sit down and update this. It was quite the event! Pat was at Oakland Hills watching a practice round for the PGA championship so our friend Kathy came with me instead. We started with Katie going in for her hips ultrasound and she absolutely hated every minute of it. She cried pretty much from start to finish so I was expecting the worst when we got to Helena and Seamus. Kathy stayed out in the waiting room with the other 2 and Seamus was entertaining her while Helena slept. Luckily when we finished up with Katie one of the nurses took her back for her x-rays so we could continue on with our production line of ultrasounds. Both Seamus and Helena were great. Seamus was all smiles and flirting with the ultrasound tech while Helena continued to sleep through hers. Those of you who have been around Helena will know that when she's asleep is about the only time she's quiet so we got really lucky!
On Thursday afternoon we got the results back. Everything checked out fine with all of their hips so no side effects from crowding before they were born. Katie and Seamus's x-rays came back fine as well. No structural problems with their necks so now we get to start with physical therapy. Luckily, we found out that we'll be able to go to a rehab place only a mile or so from our house so that makes it very convenient. This coming Friday the 2 of them will go in for an evaluation at the therapist and then after that will each go twice a week for about 45 minutes a session. Hopefully they won't have to go for very long. It's my understanding that once they start to see some improvement then they have you work on the exercises at home on your own. The goal is still to try and avoid having to wear helmets so let's hope this goes well. We've been trying to make the babies do a couple of sessions of tummy time a day to try and help out too. They all absolutely hate it! Katie's the worst though, she's not very good at lifting her head up off the mat yet so she gets very frustrated! One good thing that's come from this tummy time is that both Helena and Seamus have rolled over! The pictures are from when Pat was missing all of the fun at the doctor. I'm still jealous!

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