Saturday, August 23, 2008

Physical Therapy

This past week Katie and Seamus started their physical therapy. It's been weird taking babies that are less than 3 months old to be stretched and worked with. Katie started her's first, she had her evaluation on Monday and went on Tuesday and Thursday to be worked on. Her neck problems were worse than Seamus's so we were happy that she started her therapy so soon. Seamus was evaluated on Tuesday and went for his first session on Thursday. Pat and I can already see a difference in the way the babies hold their heads and turn their necks from side to side. It's been tough working with them the first couple of days because they cry when we make them do their stretches. It takes both of us to do them properly so at least we don't feel like it's just one of us being the bad guy. Tummy time is getting easier though. They don't seem to mind being on their stomachs as much. All three of them are able to roll over now so that helps too. Helena's been a real trooper as we've dragged her to all of these appointments. She doesn't have to go to therapy but comes with us anyway since both Pat and I are there. We've talked to their therapists about helmets and it's looking like they will most likely need them to correct their head shapes after all. In the next week or so we will know for sure. Well, it's been a long day- we went to Drew's first birthday party (pictures to come...) and tomorrow is the babies baptism so that's all for now. Hopefully we'll get some good pictures tomorrow and get them posted asap!

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