Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doctors, doctors everywhere as far as the eye can see...

Yesterday the babies had their 2 month checkup. It was quite an eventful day. On top of the typical check list that they run through with normal infants we had to go through a second list because they were preemies. All of the babies got the 2 month round of shots. What fun! 3 screaming babies not enough hands... Everyone is growing well. Katie now weighs 9 lbs 7 oz which puts her into the 10-25 percentile for a 2 month old in weight and is 20 and 1/2 inches long which puts her at the 3rd percentile for height. She had to go get her eyes checked at the ophthalmologist yesterday as well, as did all the babies. They had to check their retinal development which can sometimes lag behind in preemies. Everything looks good. She and Seamus will have to go for a recheck in 12 weeks to check their eye muscle development but so far no eye issues!! Helena doesn't have to go back at all. They all also have to go for an ultrasound tomorrow to check their hips. Anytime there's crowding before birth hip dysplasia can sometime be an issue. Let's hope that comes back ok too. Seamus and Katie will also have to have an x-ray of their cervical spine tomorrow. Both of them are having some issues with torticollis which basically means flattening of the head on one side. The x-ray is to make sure there is no reason structurally that it would be happening. Their pediatrician believes that it is most likely being caused by tight neck muscles which can again be due to crowding before birth. If this is the case they will start physical therapy to try and correct it. If that doesn't work they may end up having to wear helmets to try and correct their head shapes. Let's hope the therapy works!! Seamus weighs 10 lbs 9 oz which is the 25th percentile for weight and is 21 and 1/2 inches or at the 5th percentile for height. Helena weighs 8 lbs 13 oz and is at the 5-10 percentile for weight and is 20 and 1/4 inches long and in the 3rd percentile for length. All of the babies have almost doubled in weight since birth! Their height unfortunately they may have inherited from their parents. Oh well! You can get along just fine in life being short- you just need a stool!

On Sunday we actually had a chance to get out and go to the zoo. The family picture is at the fountain in the zoo. The babies pretty much slept through the whole trip but Pat and I loved it. The other pictures are Helena (in yellow), Katie (in white), and Seamus waving hello! We'll keep you posted on how the rest of the test results come back.

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