Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baptism Day

Seamus with his Godparents Robin and Tim Murphy

Katie with her Godparents Kathy Trakul and Steve Huddas

Helena with her Godparents Becca Hycki and Mike Huddas

On Sunday the babies were baptized at St. Nick's. We had it done after the 11am mass so that all of our family and friends would be able to participate. With three babies being baptized at once and three sets of Godparents it was a little crowded but we made it work. After the ceremony we had a luncheon in the church hall. For a lot of our friends and family it was the first time that they were seeing the babies in person so it was kind of exciting to see everyone's reactions. The entire day turned out awesome! The generosity and kindness of our family never ceases to amaze me. We love you all!

This picture is of the babies recovering from their big party. (L to R Katie, Helena, Seamus)
It took them almost all of the next day to recoup. I think Pat and I may still be!!!

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pdmac said...

Hi Pat and Mary: Sorry we did not make it. Everyone looked great! We had a great family vacation to wrap up summer. We have gifts for the wee ones so we'll have to set up a day to visit soon.

Love you,