Thursday, May 29, 2014

Where has the time gone? January and February 2014

 January of 2014 started out with us going to the annual Carpatho-Rusyn  Party.  The kids were excited to be able to wear their Polish dance costumes from last year and get dressed up.

In mid January we decided to take a long weekend and go to the Maui Sands Resort in Ohio.  The kids had a great time at the water park.  

The first weekend in February was our annual Ski Outing with the GCU.  Helena and Seamus did awesome!  They took some ski lessons again, skied with Grandpa Huddas, and got to ride the chair lifts for the first time. 

Katie was not interested in skiing this year so instead she went dog sledding with Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike.  She loved being able to pet the sled dogs!

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