Thursday, May 29, 2014

Helena's 6th Birthday Letter

 Dear Helena,
Today is your 6th birthday.  I can't believe that your first year of elementary school is almost over!  You have been doing very well in Kindergarten this year.  Your writing has improved, you can spell tons of sight words, and you are reading great!  6 years ago I don't think Daddy and I could have imagined what our lives would be like with you, your brother and sister.  Now we can't imagine our lives without you.  You keep us running, but that's a good thing.  You are still taking dance lessons with Zamek Dancers and started ballet this year.  You continued with swimming and graduated all the way to level 3.  Soccer is still going well. You and Katie play together on a team called the Green Caterpillars.  Coach Joe makes it a lot of fun for you guys and you have scored a bunch of goals this season.  This Spring you started playing softball for the Sparkles- Kiwanis of Romeo Team.  Today is actually your first real game!  Softball is the first thing that any of you have done by yourselves.  I think you are really excited about playing but a little nervous too.  Good thing your friend Sarah from school is there so you know someone on the team.  Speaking of school, you have made a bunch of friends this year.  Your best friend's name is Kaylee.  The two of you are constantly playing together and talking about being best friends on the playground.  Next year when you are in your own class, I think you will have no problem meeting new people.  You are still our only child!  You like to try and push the limits to see what you can get away with and then feel really guilty when you get in trouble.  You still like pretty, sparkly things.  You love to wear headbands and dresses.  You are  3ft 8.5 inches tall and weigh 45 pounds.

Have a wonderful 6th birthday!

Mommy and Daddy

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