Thursday, May 29, 2014

Boston Trip 2014

The first stop of our Spring Break Trip to Boston was a visit to the Friendly Factory.  We got to go on a private tour set up by Aunt Kathy Murphy.

We had to get dressed for the tour and even got to taste test.

We stayed at the Boston Harbor Hotel which was directly on the harbor itself.  We had a good time walking around seeing the sights.

Boston Harbor

The Tea Party replica ship was just down from our hotel.

We enjoyed some wonderful seafood on this trip.  The Barking Crab was our favorite.

We decided to go on a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery and took the train to get there.  The kids and Aunt Kathy had their first subway experience.  They loved it, Kathy not so much!

Hanging out with Sam

After the brewery tour, we went to see a Red Sox game at Fenway Park versus the Rangers.  We even got to see the Green Monster.  
Of course the Red Sox won due to a home run in the 8th by Big Poppi aka Big Pappi!

The dolphins were the kids favorite stop of the whole trip.  We spent hours letting them play there and they even had names for them.

Boston has a wonderful aquarium we were able to visit.  There are hands on displays as well as some great tank exhibits.  Seamus and Katie touched Sting Ray and Horseshoe crabs.


Visiting the Penguins

Helena touching Starfish

One of the stars of the main aquarium!

The Duck Boat tour was also a highlight of the trip.  Kathy, Seamus, and Katie all got to drive the boat while we were on the Charles River.

That's a BIG boat!

For our final night, we went to the oldest restaurant in Boston, the Union Oyster House.  
Again, the food was great!

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