Friday, May 18, 2012

Seven Ponds Field Trip and Mother's Day

Last week the kids had their final preschool field trip of the year to Seven Ponds Nature Center. It's a pretty cool place to go located off of Dryden Road about a half hour from us. I took a half day off work and went with the kids. It started with a picnic and then a presentation by one of the naturalists. After the talk got to take a nature walk and see lots of cool things! The best part was watching all of the kids try really had not to veer off the path since there was poison ivy in the area. Luckily we made it through without getting itchy!
Looking at a Hummingbird
Picnic Time!
Helena's favorite, a baby dear!
Outdoors on our walk, looking at spiders and feeling trees
Mother's Day was this past Sunday. We went to church and Pat got sick so I had to take him home. Grandma and Grandpa H brought the kids back to their city house for me where I met them afterwards. Grandpa and I cooked breakfast and the kids enjoyed seeing Apollo and Venus, the dogs. After breakfast, we went to see Grandma Murphy to say Happy Mother's Day. To be honest, as far as Mother's Days go it kind of stunk... Pat was sick and the kids were tired and cranky, but it was nice to see everyone!
Opening the gifts the kids made for me at preschool

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