Saturday, May 19, 2012

Katie 4th Birthday Letter


 Dear Katie,

Funny, sweet, crazy Katie, where do I begin...? You’re going to be 4 soon and a whole year has gone by again in the blink of an eye. We’ve given you a new nickname this year. It’s CBO- which stands for Chief Bossy Officer. You are the one who loves to be in charge, you tell your brother and sister what to do, and keep Mommy and Daddy informed on naughty behaviors. In other words, you are just like your Mother! You have grown so much this year. We had to buy you all new pants at two different times throughout this year. You must have grown about 3 inches, easy! Sometimes I think about the sweet little bald baby you were and try to picture it today with all your wild and crazy curly hair. It’s tough sometimes, you have by far changed the most. This year has been a good one for you. You started preschool at the Romeo Community Center. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00-1:30 you go to preschool, eat lunch, and even sometimes get picked as the Happy Helper. You’ve put your Disney Princesses backpack and lunch box to good use this year. You absolutely LOVE school and according to your teacher Ms Sallie and Miss Jaimie, have excelled. You’ve made lots of new friends and are always the first one to give us the story of what happened at school that day. You can write your name really well, know your numbers from 1-10, and know most of your letters both lower and uppercase. This year you also started playing soccer. You’ve made a new friend at soccer named Charlotte and the two of you love to team up and pass the ball to each other. Swimming lessons are going well. You love to be noisy and splash around. Maybe next year when you are a little better at following directions you’ll even be able to go up to the next class. Katie you are the sporty one, you LOVE playing with anything related to moving around or shooting. Hockey, golf, basketball, riding bikes, playing in the dirt or sandbox, you love it all. Unfortunately your allergies don’t though and you’ve had some scary moments this year as well. The doctors are starting to think you may have asthma and we now have a nebulizer at home for you just in case. We try to remind you to take it easy sometimes but with you it’s all or nothing. You’ll play hard until you’re bright red and wheezing. Seamus makes an attempt to try and wrestle with you sometimes but you almost always win! You are the best helper we have and help Daddy clean up all the time and help Mommy cook dinner. Katie, we love how intense you are when it comes to life and hope that you keep that quality, it will take you far. Always keep your sense of humor too, because it is what keeps you grounded. We love you very much Katie- our little CBO!


Mommy and Daddy

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