Saturday, May 19, 2012

Helena 4th Birthday Letter


 Dear Helena,

Our little Bean, you’re going to be 4 soon and aren’t quite so little anymore. This year has gone quickly, sometimes I feel like we’re going to wake up and be dropping you off at college. You’ve had a busy year. You started taking swimming lessons without Mommy and Daddy being in the water with you. You were a little timid at first but have decided that it’s fun and kick your little legs all over the pool now. You also started playing soccer. Most days you’re not so sure you like soccer and would rather pick blades of grass and just run. You’re coming around to the idea of playing on a team though and actually like to play goalie if Mommy is there to help you. This year you also began going to preschool at the Romeo Community Center. Ms Sallie and Miss Jaimie both say you are a very independent young lady and love to try everything for yourself without help. It gets you into trouble sometimes because you don’t always want to listen to directions, but you’re working on that. You know all of your letters, both capital and lowercase, you know your numbers from 1-10, and you can write your name even though it’s messy at times. Just like your Mommy and Daddy you have the worst handwriting right now. We’re not sure if it’s because you’re a lefty and just need to practice some more, or if you just want to rush through and get done so you can move on to something new. Helena you are our girly girl, you LOVE pretty things, and getting dressed up. When we went to Kiawah Island in South Carolina this year for Spring Break, the only souvenir you wanted was a pretty purple dress. You would much rather get your nails painted than get dirty, but you’re not opposed to doing both. You love playing pretend games, whether it’s with your Rapunzel dolls, playing princesses, or playing in your new playhouse. Sometimes we need to remind you to get your head out of the clouds and pay attention. You march to the beat of your own drum and love to sing and daydream. Sometimes you are so lost in your own little world that you run into things and are klutzy. Maybe one day you’ll learn how to do both… One of your favorite things to do is hang out with Grandpa Huddas. The two of you have a very special bond that few grandfathers and granddaughters are ever able to have. You were so excited when he told you he got a new camper with a spot just for you in it. I know you’re looking forward to going camping this summer at Yogi Bear! I hope you have many years of being able to have those types of memories with all of your grandparents. Helena you will always be our baby girl! Thank you for still wanting to be held when you wake up from nap and letting us hug and kiss you all the time. We love you Helena!


 Mommy and Daddy

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