Sunday, December 18, 2011

Preschool Party -Time

On Thursday the trio had their Preschool Christmas Party. I took half the day off work so I could go the the festivities with Grandma and Grandpa Huddas and Drew. After all the kids had lunch, we got to go into the classroom where the kids made Christmas cards. Helena made it for me, while Katie and Seamus made theirs for Santa. The kids had a blast showing me around school. They showed me where they put their back packs, did calendar time, they showed me the projects they had hanging up, and I even got to see the "Happy Helper Bell." They then went into the back to make "Reindeer Food" then preformed a concert for the visitors. After the concert we all had some cookies and punch while they got presents from their teachers, Miss Sallie and Miss Jaimie. The kids then gave their presents to their teachers, and we packed up all their stuff including presents they made for Mary and I that we decided to open at home when Mary got home from work.

Katie making a Christmas card at preschool

Helena making a Christmas card at preschool

Seamus making a Christmas card at preschool

Seamus making "Reindeer Food"

Helena making "Reindeer Food"

Katie making "Reindeer Food"

Class Concert

Opening presents from the teachers

Gift for Miss Sallie

Gift for Miss Jaimie

It was a really fun day, I don't know who was more excited about all of us being at the party, the kids or me. The present they made for us was an ornament of them wearing a reindeer suit, We put those on the Christmas tree. Unfortunately the tree fell that evening, and many of our ornaments broke , including some of our Baby's First Christmas ones (One of Katie and Helena's and both of Seamus') on Friday we bought a studier stand and cut a bit off the tree. It is sturdy now, although just a bit crooked.

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