Sunday, December 18, 2011

Church Play and Party

After Mass today we had a Christmas party at Church which included a short play put on by the catechism classes. The preschool kids were cast as angels, so Katie Seamus and Helena along with Drew were dressed as Angels. They did not have a speaking role, but they walked around, sang along, and took a bow at the end of the performance. Clay had a speaking role as a shopkeeper. After the play we had a pizza lunch, although I think they ate more cookies, cupcakes and candy then anything else. After the lunch the kids all got together and sang their best to see if they could get Saint Nicholas to visit. They sang their best, and Saint Nicholas brought all the kids a present! Yesterday Mary's dad and I went shopping for Christmas dinner while Mary and the kids helped Grandma, Aunt Becca and Aunt Christi make cookies. This year Mary told me all of them were very helpful, although by the time I got there only Helena was still busy painting her cookies. She was sampling as she went and looked like she was wearing war paint on her face (obviously she takes decorating very seriously). I can't believe we are already a week from Christmas! The kids get more excited each day! Mary and I work through Thursday, so the countdown is down to four days...

Triplet's acting debut

Saint Nicholas and Katie

Saint Nicholas and Helena

Saint Nicholas and Seamus

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