Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Last Saturday Mary, the kids and I met up with Grandpa and Grandma Huddas, Uncle John, Aunt Becca, Clay,Drew, Aunt Christi and Uncle Wayne to hack down this years Christmas tree. This year we let Katie pick out our tree, and she picked out what seemed to be a nice, but wide, tree. After Seamus helped me cut it down, we noticed that the trunk was somewhat crooked, but figured it would work just fine.

The Kids and I cutting down the tree

Murphy family Christmas tree

After we all selected and chopped down our tree, we proceeded to complete the yearly tradition of returning to Aunt Becca and Uncle John's to have a pizza lunch, then squeeze their monstrosity of a tree into their living room. After their tree was wedged into place, Grandpa and Grandma drove our tree back to the house and we put up and decorated our tree. Every year the kids do more and more, and were actual participants in decorating the tree. I had to tell Helena not to put three ornaments on the same branch a couple of times, but they had a ball hanging the ornaments with their names on it. All three of them are very excited about Santa and Christmas this year. Every year is more and more amazing, they all wrote their first "Letters" to Santa this year, and came up with the idea to put them by the fireplace on their own so he could come and pick the up. On Thursday they have their first ever school Christmas party. Since Mary went on the field trip, I am lucky enough to be taking a half day at work to go to their party.

Katie helping Mommy put up the lights

Helena hanging an ornament

Seamus hanging an ornament

Christmas tree

Mary with Helena, Katie and Seamus

Pat with Helena, Seamus and Katie

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