Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good-bye April, Hello May

At the end of April, the babies had their 11 Month Day! Mary and I can NOT believe how fast this first year with the babies is flying by. We joked today that we're not ready for them to be one yet and should push back their Birthday to the original due date of July 4th. In truth we are incredibly proud of our two daughters and son, and can not believe how much they have grown since they were born at 4 1/2lbs, 4 1/2lbs, and 5 1/2 lbs. Katie is still the biggest and has the most teeth with 7. She and Seamus are the tallest at 29" long, Helena still is our little Bean at 28". Helena has grown a few more teeth and has 6 now and Seamus is still waiting to grow in his 5th tooth.

Katie's 11 Month Day Picture

Seamus' 11 Month Day Picture

Helena's 11 Month Day Picture

Katie, Helena, and Seamus looking out the front door

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