Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a pain in the...Leg

We got a phone call from the Pediatricians office last week telling us that the CDC decided that RSV vaccination was needed for the month of April. So unfortunately for some babies they had to go in yesterday to get a couple of shots in the leg. We did get to find out how much they weighed, so here are their updated stats. Katie is the reigning champ coming in at 22 lbs 14oz. Seamus was the next biggest at 19 lbs 11oz. Helena's still the little bean, but she broke the 17 lb mark coming in at 17 lbs 8oz. We did get the good news that they all got their final RSV shot. We are still planning their 1st birthday party and counting the days until Summer Vacation (34 work days, 48 actual days) and can spend all day every day with some babies.

Good thing Katie, Seamus and Helena didn't get too big to hold all three of them yet!

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Anne N. said...

On Friday, the day before their party, Dorothy was demonstrating to me how to hold three babies... and Pat's picture pretty much sums up her idea of it. Lucky your arms are bigger than hers! (haha)