Saturday, April 18, 2009

Swing and a Hit

I know that we just posted yesterday, but the babies had a new experience today. They went on their new swings Grandpa Huddas got for them for the first time! Katie wasn't sure if she liked it at first, but eventually all of them loved it! I also had to make sure that the kids had Red Wing shirts for the playoffs that started on Thursday. I could not find any Wings apparel at the Mall and mentioned it to Grandma Murphy who came through with three Red Wings outfits. Mary and I both have to go back to work after over a week off, and it will be hard after so much fun times with the babies. How much longer until Summer Vacation?

Katie, Seamus and Helena in their Red Wing outfits. (Sorry I have you dressed as boys Katie & Helena)

Daddy pushing some babies on their swings

Mommy pushing some babies on their swings

Katie on her swing

Seamus on his Swing

Helena on her swing


Team Darnell said...

What fun! We are ordering our swing set next week and seeing these pictures make me even more excited!

I really enjoy following the stories of your family.

OMG Triplets said...

Love the swings, we'll have to think about getting some of those!!!