Friday, November 7, 2008

One Crazy Week!

This might just be one of the craziest weeks we've had since going back to work. Or, maybe I just need a break. Not sure which, but I am definitely happy that it is Friday! On Monday evening I started back at my brass quintet. We've got a benefit that we are playing towards the end of the month so we need to get some music worked up. I'm not sure how long I am going to be doing this. I like playing but I just don't have the time or energy to do it every week if we don't have any gigs lined up. I know we were talking about setting some things up at the cancer center at St John's Medical Center. That would be something I would want to do but only if it's a sure thing. Pat and I also had to go get our flu shots so we don't get the babies sick. On Tuesday Katie had therapy and that night I had band practice so Pat was on his own with the babies 2 nights in a row. Not exactly a relaxing evening for him either. Wednesday we both had to take the afternoon off of work to take the babies to go get their helmets. My dad went with us since we were warned in advance that this was going to be a long appointment. We got there a little before 1pm and didn't leave until almost 5:30. The babies missed their naps, were cranky, and had to sit through a ton of fittings and readjustments. As my dad put it... sitting through one movie is one thing but sitting through 3 is too long. We got to watch Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and some Pooh movie while sitting there. Once we got home we had to feed the babies and put their helmets on for an hour. They all screamed for about 45 minutes of that hour. Not sure if it was because of the helmets or if they were just over tired so we gave them their baths, a bottle, and put them to bed. At that point Pat and I were so fried that I don't think we even knew our own names. Thursday Pat had conferences and Katie had therapy so my dad got to work overtime again. Good thing he can stay whenever we need him to because I have no idea what we would do if he couldn't! Katie and I got home, Grandpa stayed and helped me feed them, and Pat came home for a few minutes to say hi and have some dinner. Then he was off again back to work to finish his evening of Hell. Oh, I mean his lovely evening of sitting and talking to parents, yeah right! I was on my own for bed time and bottles but we did pretty well. I wanted to make sure that Seamus actually ate because he's started this new thing with not wanting to eat his bottle out of his bouncer. He'd much rather play and kick his feet than settle down to eat. We've had to feed him by himself recently to get him to eat. Today Seamus had his CT scan down at Children's Hospital. My mom went with Pat who had the day off to help give him a hand while my dad stayed here with the girls. I had to work :( Seamus wasn't allowed to eat after 6:15 this morning so we had to make sure that he ate before then. The babies get up once during the night still anyway so this wasn't too big of a deal. We just had to make sure that they got up early enough so that he was finished by then. The doctors thought that he was going to have to be put under for the test but luckily he feel asleep right before the test and they were able to do it without putting him out. That allowed them to leave the hospital right after the test was done instead of having to make sure Seamus was coming around okay. We should find out at our appointment next Friday what the results are. Say an extra prayer for us!! This evening for dinner the babies had peas for the first time. Up until this point the only solid food they have had is rice cereal and oatmeal. They were too funny! All 3 of them had this look on their faces like...Um, I think this cereal has gone bad! They did pretty good though and all 3 of them ate most of it. I then had to run out and try to find some clothes for me and the babies to wear to Michael's wedding tomorrow. We realized that we don't really have anything for them to wear for it and I still don't fit into most of my clothes. I'm starting to think that I never will. Pat had soccer tonight as well(they won!) so we had to do helmets, baths and bed a little earlier. None of us were complaining though. The babies were cranky anyway and I was just happy that I would have help at bed time tonight. Chances are they'll all get up a little earlier during the night but there's nothing we can do. When they do get up it's helmet time again. I'm not looking forward to that. They're definitely not used to them yet and the schedule they have to follow for wear is no fun. Tomorrow is 4 hours 3 times a day which is more than they are awake. I just pray that they'll sleep a little bit or else Pat and I will be walking zombies at the wedding tomorrow. By next week Weds they will be wearing the helmets full time 23 hours a day. The only time they will be off is for baths and to clean the helmets and wait for them to dry. We also have to take them off at diaper changing time to wipe the sweat out of them. Oh yeah, even though it's not warm out the babies heads sweat like crazy in them. I'm sure that will cause some skin issues in the near future not to mention the smell that I'm sure the helmets will acquire after wearing them for a while. I'm picturing or should I say smelling hockey gloves! Have I mentioned that I already HATE these helmets?? I know they need them but I don't have to like them and I'm already waiting for the day when we will be done with them forever! We haven't taken any pictures of them yet because Pat and I are still trying to get used to seeing them and not being able to kiss their heads whenever we want. It sucks! Oh I almost forgot(don't know how!!), on top of all of this craziness this week the babies have had a cold. Chances are it's from the RSV vaccine a week or so ago. That means that every night this week for at least part of the night, one of the babies has been up because they couldn't breathe. We've sucked boogers, wiped noses, and tried to get them to go back to sleep which usually means one of us is holding them in our bed for a couple of hours. Gee, no wonder I'm so tired right now. If half of this makes sense I'll be doing really well! Here are some pictures of the babies eating their first veggies. Helena isn't sure about the flavor. Katie looks like she's trying to give pea kisses, and Seamus is just hanging out with peas on his face!

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