Sunday, November 30, 2008

6 Months Old!

The babies turned 6 months old yesterday! I can't believe how big they are getting and how much they have changed in the last few months. We spent most of the day at home since Pat had a bachelor party to go to for Uncle Chris, in the afternoon and evening. The babies and I, along with Aunt Kathy went to my cousin Anne's house for her daughter Dorothy's 3rd birthday party. We only got to stay for a little while since the babies were fussy but we did get to see their new house and meet their boxer named Elmo. The babies love seeing dogs. I think they miss Titan and Apollo just like we do. I am told that the dogs are enjoying their extended vacation at my parents' house though so it does make it easier. Thanksgiving was really nice. We went to lunch at my parents house and then got to spend some time with Pat's family in the evening. I was one of the crazy people who went shopping at 4am on Friday morning so it was nice to go home and put the babies to bed at their normal bedtime and then relax for a little while. Living so close to both of our parents helps!
Katie rolled over from her back to tummy for the first time yesterday. She finally was motivated enough to do it. I think she was just trying to show off for her Godmother but I'll take it! (Kathy was on the floor playing with her at the time...) Katie has also gotten much more mobile and vocal in the last week or so. She loves playing in her jumparoo and squeals and laughs the whole time. She's is also teething so her moods can go from happy to VERY cranky in just a matter of minutes.
Seamus is still a smiley, silly boy. He loves to eat solid foods and tries to help you feed him constantly which can get very messy. He has gotten a little clingy around people he doesn't know but is usually all smiles again after he warms up to the situation. His latest thing is to try and roll to get to his sisters. He likes looking at them and trying to touch them when they are playing on the floor or on our bed while we're doing Katie's stretches. He and Katie actually were holding their own private conversation today, just babbling away and giggling the whole time.
Helena is still Helena. Nice and cute one moment giving you a silly smile while crinkling up her big blue eyes, and a holy terror the next, screaming until she turns purple and hyperventilates. She still thinks she should be an only child and constantly puts her arms up to be picked up and held anytime someone walks by her. Grandpa taught her that! She's still the smallest and knows how to use it to her advantage. She'll roll right over her brother and sister and end up kicking them in the head while they're playing together. I have a feeling she's going to be our trouble maker in the future.
Today we went to JCPennys and got the babies 6 month/Christmas pictures taken. They turned out pretty cute but wouldn't you know it, Seamus, the one who always smiles was refusing to smile at all while we were there. I think we might have caught a smirk in one of the shots but he was just not into it today. The girls who can be so serious sometimes were all smiles and giggles. I guess 2 out of 3 isn't too bad. Tomorrow it's back to work and then the babies have their 6 month checkup. That means more shots so tomorrow night and Tuesday could be very exhausting! Guess that means I should stop typing and start thinking about getting some sleep.
The first picture is of Katie passed out while eating. I took the bottle out of her mouth and this is how she stayed. The next ones are of the babies in their high chairs on their 6 month day (Helena, Katie, Seamus).

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