Friday, November 21, 2008

Oops, forgot the title!

My discovery of the week is that there is a whole new level of being tired, way past exhausted, that I never knew existed before I had kids. I hope that this new as yet unnamed discovery will be the only one I have for a while. Maybe I'll name this state of tiredness after Helena since she has been one of the main causes of it this past week. Her new thing is that she wants to get up and play at about 1am and cries until you come get her. Then she'll do it again at about 3am and if we're very lucky she may have a second repeat performance at around 4 or 5am. I'm hoping that it's a phase that will pass quickly. We had a talk with her about spending the night in the pack and play in the computer room if she keeps it up and she only got up once last night. I'd like to believe it was the "talk" that did it but I think she may have just been exhausted from lack of sleep herself. One of the other reasons I haven't been getting much sleep is that we had to move the dogs out this week. Titan and Apollo went to live with my parents for a while. It was just getting too hard to take care of them and give them the attention that they need. We thought for a while that we could do it but now that it's getting closer to winter it was clear that things were just not going to work out. Both Pat and I are really sad that they had to go but at least it's not to a shelter. I think we both just feel like terrible owners for not being able to take care of them ourselves. Titan already had to go through leaving his family when they had kids. That's how we got him in the first place and Apollo we have had since he was 10 weeks old. He was our original baby! It makes me sad to walk into the house and not see them. I keep thinking I'm going to see them every time I look into the back yard from the kitchen. I miss them a ton but I know they're being taken care of and having fun with my parents dog, Venus. The first 2 pictures are of Titan and then Apollo on the day they left.
On a good note, Katie is down to one day a week in therapy! We have really been trying to work with her on stretching and rolling at home so she doesn't have to go back to 2 times a week. We also made the babies an appointment to get their Christmas photos taken the weekend of Thanksgiving. I'm still not looking forward to repeating that experience again but I do want new photos taken so it has to be done. Now I just need to make sure that they haven't outgrown the outfits we bought for them to wear. The last picture is of Katie and Seamus playing together in Seamus's crib. Either that or he's using his sister as a pillow. Not sure which is happening...

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