Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Working out Babies

The babies keep getting bigger, and now they are learning how to play in their Excersaucers and Bouncer. Since most of the stuff we have is from cousins that all seem to be boys, we have a bright Pink Excersaucer. Sorry Seamus, its only fair. Mary and my 4th Anniversary is tomorrow (And Opening day for the Red Wings) and we get to go to the game and out on Saturday too! Hooray for baby-sitters!! They all are seeming to get a cold again, and they are set to get the first of their RSV vaccines at their Dr. appointment next week. We hope to get them all started on solid food soon because some babies are starting to lose interest in their bottles. The first picture is me and Seamus waiting for the Red Wings to start playing(look at his eyes...he can't wait!) The next pictures are of the babies showing off in their Excersaucers; 1st is Katie, then Seamus. The last picture is he babies' dress rehearsal for their first Halloween.

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