Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oktoberfest and Eye Doctors

The babies took Pat and I out to Grandma and Grandpa Huddas's Oktoberfest on Saturday. (Or do I have that backwards...) It was an interesting experience. It's really the first time since their baptism that we have been gone all day. They are much more aware of their surroundings now so they don't adapt quite so easily. It took a little while for any of them to go to anyone but Pat and I. Seamus was the worst, he was so upset when we got there that he would not even go to Grandpa who watches him everyday! All he did was scream and want his daddy. He's probably the most sensitive of the babies and will scare easily if he doesn't recognize you. Poor little guy, he's so pitiful when he gets that bottom lip sticking out and those big blue eyes start to tear up! All three of them got to participate in our First Annual Oktoberfest Shoe Kick. For those of you who were not there, we have been trying to think of some competition that everyone (kids and adults) can participate in and this is what we can up with. I know.. we're that exciting! A special thanks to Aunt Kathy, Aunt Becca, and my cousins Laura and Kathy for helping the babies to "almost" win the competition. Pat was one of the judges but somehow he stayed impartial and it was Dylan who won for this year.
Monday afternoon the babies all went to the eye doctor for Katie and Seamus's recheck. Grandpa went with us since Pat had to meet us there after work. Their retinas look fine and they were very well behaved while we were there. Helena actually slept the whole time! Katie may have to go back in a couple of months if her plugged tear duct does not clear up. I guess it's pretty common for babies to be born with it so we're not concerned right now. If it's still there in a couple of months they discussed having to go in and manually open it up. Let's just say it involves something like a paper-clip type wire going in through her tear duct so let's hope it clears up by then on its own!
Friday is our appointment down at Children's. We've been anxiously waiting for this one of a long time. Hopefully all of our questions about their head shape issues will be answered then. We'll post an update when we know...

Oktoberfest 2008- Grandpa and Seamus looking like they both are enjoying the beer!

Seamus and Laura shoe kick

Helena and Kathy shoe kick

Katie and Aunt Kathy shoe kick

All of us at Oktoberfest 2008

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