Sunday, October 26, 2008

Helmets on the Way

The babies had their appointment on Friday to see the cranio-facial specialist. Our appointment was at 9:10 down at Children's Hospital so even though Pat and I took the day off we didn't get to sleep in. We got the babies up, dressed, and packed into the car by 8am so that we could make it there on time. Not knowing how the day would pan out, we packed a ton of supplies just in case we needed them. Let's just say good thing we did! The babies had been up at about 5am so they weren't ready to have their breakfast before we left, so we had to pack for that too. We got to the hospital, got checked in, and while I filled out a million forms in triplicate, Pat started doing laps with the stroller. Of course around this time all 3 babies decided that they were hungry. Katie, our best eater sucked down her whole bottle. Seamus and Helena couldn't even make it through half of one between the 2 of them! They were a little stressed out about being in a new place and having to wear their jackets. They hate them! We finally make it into the office and of course our stroller barely fits into the room. We ended up having to take all 3 babies out to be able to fit in, put the stroller in the hallway, and did a juggling act for the next 45 minutes. The visit started by all 3 babies having to have their heads photographed. We were there on one of the clinic days which basically means there's a million people being seen by the doctor all day long. After the photos, their heads got measured by the nurse practitioner. The doctor then came, asked us a whirlwind of questions, measured the babies again, and said yep they need helmets. Oh yeah, not just 2 of them but all 3! Katie and Seamus we were anticipating but we were a little surprised by Helena. The way the doctor explained it was that if she were an only child chances are we'd just let it go but since the other 2 were for sure getting helmets, it wouldn't hurt her to have one and that way we wouldn't second guess ourselves later on. She does have a little bit of flattening, but it's not much compared to the other 2. After we checked out and made a follow up appointment for a few weeks from now we were escorted over to Detroit Receiving to get them measured and molded for their helmets. On clinic days I guess you are able to get it all done at once. Who knew! We weren't complaining! Measuring and molding was not fun. The babies were tired since they hadn't had a nap. They were hungry since 2 of the 3 refused to eat much breakfast, and again we were juggling 3 babies because our stroller wouldn't fit! The whole process took about an hour, which for 3 babies isn't bad. Katie went first and of course threw a fit. The had to get measured again, and then had this sock like thing put on their heads so that they could be wrapped with this thing that looked like a sticky, wet ace bandage. I got to wear a lovely hospital gown to try and stay semi-dry while holding them during this. Pat had it worse though since he was holding the other 2 while they were getting more and more fussy by the minute. The good part was by the time it was Seamus and Helena's turn, they had worn themselves out from crying and slept through the whole thing. We picked their designs for the helmets (which should be done in about 3 weeks) and then we were on our way to have some x-rays taken back at Children's. Both of the girls needed to have skull x-rays done. Seamus already had his at the beginning of September. This is just a precaution to rule out any issues with skull sutures being fused. It's no fun for the babies or the mom who has to hold them down while they're strapped down with velcro and screaming because some crazy lady is attacking them with big foam earmuffs and squishing their faces in a million different directions! We were all starving and tired at this point since it was around 1:30 and we were still at the hospital. The final thing we had to do before leaving for the day was to set up Seamus's appointment to have a 3-D facial CT scan. The doctor wants to run this additional test on him because they're still concerned about the narrowing of the back of his head. Even though the x-rays came back negative, I guess they don't always show everything. Until making the appointment we were unaware that there is actual prep that needs to be done for this. He can't eat before hand and actually has to be semi knocked out to (I'm assuming) keep him still during the test. Pat's going to be on his own for this one since we made the appointment for a day he already has off of work. Grandpa thought that he was going to have the day before Uncle Mike's wedding off. Guess not anymore! He'll be home with the girls instead. Needless to say Friday was a VERY long day that I don't look forward to repeating again any time soon. Even though I know we will be again when the helmets come in... good thing we have a while to recoop! I have my Fall concert today. Pat, his parents, and the babies are all planning on going. It should be fun!!

Babies in matching jammies L-R Katie, Helena, Seamus

Helena in the jumparoo

Katie playing in the exersaucer

Seamus acting "Irish"

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