Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013 Part 2: Disney World

After we got to Florida, unpacked and got a good night's sleep we were ready to go to Disney World for the kids' and my first time ever. The first park we went to was Epcot Center. We then travelled the world, disney style. The first ride we went on was the boat ride through the Orient. Next we went on the Maelstrom, which the trio decided they had to go on two times in a row! We then continued to walk through the world. We stopped to eat lunch in a pub in the UK before walking through Canada, Finding Nemo and the Middle East.The kids all got a souvenir sword at Epcot.  Helena got a Pink Princess Sword in Germany and Katie and Seamus got Viking swords at our third stop on the Maelstrom (yes, Katie and Seamus went on it a third time). It was a good first stop at Disney.
The Kids and I with the giant golf ball

Helena and Katie on the Orient Boat ride

Posing with the troll at the Maelstrom

The kids in Bruce's mouth

Mary and the trio by the hammerhead shark
The next morning we had breakfast with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy at The Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom. After breakfast we went on the Safari Ride and saw a bunch of African animals. After the safari we saw the Tree of Life and walked through the other countries to see the wild life. We went on the Kali River Rapids Ride. It  was so hot it felt good to get soaked, and it was worth walking around the park wet for a couple hours. We later went on some carnival type rides in DinoLand before heading to the Dinosaur Ride where you get chased by dinos in a time machine. This ride scared the kids so much we had to make amends by getting the ice cream after the ride. On the way out of the park we watched the Animal Kingdom Parade. After a quick break at our Condo for swimmimg and dinner, we headed back to Epcot to see the fireworks. Seeing the Epcot fireworks were my personal favorite part of Disney World.

Kids with Donald

All of us with Donald

Kids with Mickey

Mickey and the family

Aunt Melanie, Uncle Steve and Seamus with Mickey

Katie, Helena, Granda and Grandpa Huddas with Mickey

Kids and Aunt Melanie with Goofy

Kids with Goofy

Goofy and all of us

Daisy leading the conga line

kids following Daisy with their shakers
Hippos on the Safari

Crocodiles on the Safari
Giraffes on the Safari
Elephants on the Safari

Cheetah on the Safari
Lion on the Safari
Ostrich on the Safari
The kids and I with Rafiki

Tree of Life

Aunt Melanie with the kids wearing the shirts she made waiting for the Epcot Fireworks 

Waiting for the Fireworks

Kids watching fireworks at Epcot
The next two days we spent at The Magic Kingdom. We did so much here, its really imposible to give a thorough run through. It is the park that the kids seemed to enjoy the most. Katie's favorite ride was It's a Small World. Seamus loved the Buzz Lightyear Star Command Ride, and Helena's favorite was Peter Pan. The other hits were the Pirates of the Caribbean (the kids all got Pirate guns) Little Mermaid ride, Barn Stormers (except for Katie) Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. We also did the Monsters Inc Comedy show and the Beaty and the Beast interactive story. Seamus played the part of Chip, Katie was the Pepper Shaker, Helena was the foot stool and got to bark, and I played the role of a Knight. We came back the first night to Magic Kingdom and saw the Parade and Laser Show/ Fireworks.The kids were absolutely amazed by the spectacle of everything at night in the Magic Kingdom, and were absolutely exhausted when we got back to the condo.

All of us in the Magic Kingdom

Helena and Belle

Seamus and Belle

Katie and Belle
Belle and I
Katie and Gaston

Rapunzel's Tower
Seamus miming with Ulf

Katie and Walt
Ear Time 
Helena and Katie

Tinker Belle in the parade

Minnie in the parade
Mickey in the parade
Alice in parade


Peer Pan and Hook


Snow White

Pete and his Dragon

Helena and Uncle Steve waiting for Light Show

Seamus and Katie waiting for Light Show 
Light show
Fire Works

Fire Works

The last thing we did at Disney was spending the evening after our 2nd day at the magic kingdom at Hollywood Studios. We went on a toy story 3D ride and watched a Little Mermaid and Pirates of te Caribean show. The we walked around and looked at some of the movie stuff they have there. This was the park we spent the least amount of time in, but if we go back when the kids are older they will probably really like it too. After our Disney experience we went to Sea World then continued to travel down to the Florida Keys.
The kids and I by the Monsters U Sign outside Hollywood Studios

The kids by the Monsters U Sign outside Hollywood Studios
Monsters U Show

Fake New York

Fake San Francisco

Uncle Steve, Aunt Melanie and the kids trying to catch a subway train

Me and the trio in Endor on a speeder

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