Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013 Part 1: The Road to Disney World

We had an extremely busy summer this year, which is why this is being posted so late. This is the year that we promised the trio we would take them to Disney World. So we left on the 5th of July and started the drive down to Florida. The first day we planned to stop in Kentucky and go see the Mammoth Caves the next morning before driving further. When we got to Mammoth Cave Ky, we stopped at a tourist trap called Dinosaur Land so the kids could walk around after a long day in the car. They got to look for fossils in the sand before looking at the dino statues.

Helena, Seamus and Katie looking for fossils

Dino eating a three course meal

Walking through Dinosaur World
The next morning, after meeting up at the hotel with Grandma and Grandpa Huddas, Uncle Steve and Aunt Melanie, we all went to the Mammoth Caves.  Uncle Steve and Aunt Melanie joined Mary, the kids and I in a tour of the New Entrance Mammoth Caves. We then left and drove on toward Disney.
Waiting for the bus to the cave tour

Inside the cave

Cave Features

Cave Features
After the Caves we drove down and stopped to sleep in Georgia. After the pit stop in Ga, we drove to Florida.

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