Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seamus' 5th Birthday Letter

Dear Seamus,
Another year has gone by in the blink of an eye.  Daddy and I have had the honor of watching you grow over the last 5 years into the sweet young man you are today.  At Croswell Preschool, Mrs. Daniel always says how polite you are.  We love hearing that about you!  I’m happy you have learned how to behave at school and in public, even if you do drive your sisters and Daddy crazy sometimes.  Seamus, you are a little nervous about kindergarten next year, but we’ve promised you that your sisters will be in class with you.   Daddy and I thought long and hard about whether we should separate you in school and decided it would be best for everyone if you could adjust to a new school together.  I just hope the three of you don’t drive your new teacher to an early retirement!  We have a big trip planned to Disney World this summer.  I know you’re excited about seeing Mickey Mouse, but I think you’re just as excited about going to see Aunt Kathy Murphy on the way home.  You love spending time with her and miss her the most when we have to part. 
Stay sweet our sensitive boy!
Mommy and Daddy 

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