Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Helena's 5th Birthday Letter

Dear Helena,
Five years old already.  It’s hard to believe you are that big!  Sometimes I feel like the sleepless nights when you were a baby were just yesterday.  Now we’re talking about getting ready for full day kindergarten and riding the school bus.  Helena, you definitely have your own ideas about how the world works.  You are very creative and smart, and always trying to do things your own way.  It’s been a learning experience for Daddy and I since the way you see things is not always the way we do.  We love that about you!  The clothes you wear always make us laugh but we’re happy you’re brave enough to blaze your own trail.  At school you’re not afraid to do your own thing either.  We just hope that’s a quality you keep when you’re a teenager!  Just remember, listen to your teachers first and then make your own decisions.  Summer is going to be fun, with trips to Disney and Sea World planned.  I know you’re excited about being able to see Tinker Bell and the animals. 
We love you very much our little BEAN!
Mommy and Daddy 

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