Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ski Trip 2013: Kids' First Time Sking!

Mary, Katie, Seamus and Helena ready to hit the slopes

Last Friday we left right from the trio's preschool to head up to Boyne Mountain for our annual ski trip. This year was special because it was the first year that Katie, Seamus and Helena went skiing! They were all excited to ski since we had gone sledding after Christmas, and they were not disappointed. The pictures below are from the Ski Class they went to Saturday morning.

Katie and Seamus carrying their skis
Katie (white helmet), Helena (red coat) and Seamus getting on the "Magic Carpet."

Katie skiing
Seamus skiing
Helena skiing
After the class we took a break from skiing until after dinner. Then a whole group of us went to the bunny hill to do more skiing with the kids. Grandpa Huddas,  Uncle Steve and Aunt Melanie skied along with Mary, the kids and I. The kids did great, and skied with their cousins Drew and Clay while the adults helped them down the hill. A big thanks goes to Aunt Becca who played catcher on the bottom of the hill and Uncle John who saved Katie when the Magic Carpet bucked her off.  It was an awesome weekend and the kids are already asking when they can ski again so we may have created some skiers. Good things Mary and I just bought our own skis, we made need the practice to keep up with our children.

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