Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally Sledding! & New Years

The day after Christmas we finally got a decent snow storm so the next day we got to use the sleds the kids got from Santa for Christmas 2011! Mary and I got into the winter fun almost as much as the kids did. We even went to a big hill by the kids future elementary school a couple of times later in the week. It was a long time coming to get some sledding done, and a good warm-up for the kids first ever ski class at Boyne. Our annual ski trip starts tomorrow and the kids are excited to go skiing, although they are not entirely sure what it is...
Mary playing in the snow

Helena Sledding
Helena looking like a natural snowboarder

Katie Sledding
Mary giving Katie a push in the sled

Seamus sledding

Seamus Sledding
Kids in the van coming back from sledding on the big hill
This year on New Year's Eve, Mary and I went out for the first time in over a decade to ring in the  New Year. Grandpa and Grandma Huddas were nice enough to watch not only our three, but their two cousins as well so we could go out. The kids had a blast, and went sledding with their cousins at Grandpa Huddas' "country house" with Drew and Clay on New Year's Day.

Seamus sledding 

Katie Sledding  

Katie and Clay falling of the sled

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