Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Time

It has been a fun and busy time the last couple weeks. The house was finished completely two weeks ago on Tuesday, so all of that noise is officially behind us. Mary, Grandpa Huddas and I all looked around the house to find mistakes. The good news is we didn't find any. It seemed to take a while but I think the house came out looking pretty good.

 Two weeks ago on Saturday we had our very last soccer game of the season. It was quite exciting for all the kids, especially because they all got a trophy! After the soccer game we went to the trio's cousin Clay's birthday party, so it was a pretty fun day.

The next day we went over Grandma and Grandpa Murphy's because we would be out of town the next week camping with Yogi Bear and we wanted to see Grandpa Murphy before Father's Day. After that I had to put in three more days of work, and Mary had to work four days. We will waste no time going on our first trip this year.

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