Saturday, June 2, 2012

Actual Birthday and Preschool Graduation

After a busy Holiday Weekend that included a Birthday party for the Triplets, Our Friends Kathy and Chris' twin boys' baptism (one of which we were made Godparents of) and a Memorial Day BBQ, we had a very Eventful week. Tuesday, May 29th 2012 was not only Katie, Seamus and Helena's 4th Birthday, but also their Preschool Graduation. Mary and I took a half day from work  to see the kids graduate for the first time. We had to awesome teachers for their first educational experience. After school and their nap, we took them out to their favorite restaurant for dinner, Buffalo Wild Wings. We then went home to open presents and sing happy birthday. On Thursday we had the end of the year picnic  to celebrate the end of the year at the park, so Mary and I took yet another half day from work. A Big Thank you to Ms. Sallie and Ms. Jaimie for taking such good care of our trio. We can only hope next years preschool goes as well as the last.
Mary and Pat with Roarke (new god son)

Mary and the trio with Roarke

Helena walking in at graduation

Seamus walking in at graduation

Katie walking in at graduation
Helena getting her Diploma

Seamus getting his Diploma
Katie getting her Diploma



The Graduates

Helena opening her present on her Birthday

Katie with her Birthday Present

Seamus in his Birthday Present

Blowing out the candles on theTraditional Birthday Pie

Preschool Picnic -Helena

Preschool Picnic -Seamus

Preschool Picnic -Katie

Preschool Class Photo

Preschool Class Photo with Ms. Sallie and Ms. Jaimie

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