Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Beds

A couple of days after our family BBQ, Grandpa Huddas brought the kids their new big kid beds. He has been working on making them 3 awesome twin beds with storage drawers underneath for the last few months. It just so happened that it coincided with Aunt Kathy being in town and celebrating her birthday. The kids were able to help Grandpa put their beds together and give her their present on the same day! It was exciting!

Seamus holding his foot board

The girls handing Grandpa screws

Kathy opening the cards the kids made

The rest of the week quickly became a little nutty. Friday, Pat and I were able to go golfing with Kathy and Ed for her birthday. We hurried to get home afterward since she had a flight home the same afternoon. As it turned out, Hurricane Irene had other plans for her travels and she ended up having to stay a few extra days. Saturday we had another family BBQ, this time at Pat's parents house. We got to spend more time with everyone and even got a chance to help Kathy visit her old house in Howell on Sunday before she left. Hopefully, it'll sell soon!! We came home the other night to find a frog peeking in our front window. Weird...

Pat and I were back to work this week so the "fun" is beginning again. We did get a chance to go to the zoo yesterday evening and check out the new lion exhibit. The Verve Pipe were also playing a concert for the final "Wild Summer Night" of the year. It was pretty cool even if they didn't play the only song everyone knows by them "Freshman", or at least while we were there. I think we finally have everything ready for the kids to start preschool. Backpacks, lunch boxes, clothes that fit, thermoses, check! I'm sure pictures of them all ready to go will be coming soon.

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