Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of Pre-School

This last week we had a few "firsts" for the kids, and it all started on Saturday when we we decided to go on a trip with our Church to a Tigers game. There was a buffet lunch at the church before we boarded our charters to bring us all to the game. This was Katie, Seamus and Helena's first time on a bus. They absolutely loved it! They got to sit in seats like everybody else and had a ball looking down at all the cars. they were also amazed that there was an actual toilet on the bus, but Seamus was the only one who decided to use it. The bus trip was fun for them because they had Grandpa and Grandma Huddas, Uncle Steve, Uncle George and Aunt Kathy "Soup," Aunt Becca, Clay Drew and Aunt Carrie all with them on the trip. After the bus ride we got to Comerica Park to watch the kids' first baseball game live. We stopped at Guest Services and they got a First Game Certificate and a Tigers cape as a special gift. After watching a few innings we went on the carousel and got some snacks. We got back in time to see the Walk-off home run for a Tigers victory, and more importantly, save our trip from extra innings (three three year olds changes your priorities at sporting events). On Sunday we were excited to welcome back Aunt Kathy Murphy from NC to pack up her old house in MI, because finally was able to sell it. We then got to have her as a visitor until she left this morning. Speaking of this morning, this is our most important "first" in a long time. The trio had their first ever day of school! They now go to Pre-School two days a week. Mary and I took off the day to take them in and meet their teacher. The kids had a great time and didn't even cry when we left. They later told us about reading books and eating from their lunch box, it was all very new to them. The good news is they all said they want to go back to school again. Mary and I were not so easy-going about it, but we didn't shed tears either. We distracted ourselves by going out to lunch and enjoying a special beverage with it. So Katie Seamus and Helena have achieved yet another milestone, they seem to be growing up so fast...

On the Carousel at the Tigers Game

Back Pack Time

Katie in her back pack

Seamus in his back pack

Helena in her back pack

Helena, Seamus and Katie at school

Time to get to class!

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