Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frosty, Elmo, and Hockey Pucks

We've had a fun couple of weeks around here since our last post. It started with us doing a Valentine's project with Aunt Kathy D. The kids loved being able to use a hammer and glue, not to mention the fact that there were stickers involved! We went out to lunch afterwards and the kids got to spend some time with their Aunt Kathy. On Valentine's Day Pat and I came home to some cute cards from the kids and some cookies they made with Grandma and Grandpa H while we were at work. They were so excited to show us what they made.
It warmed up for a few days last weekend and we finally got the kids outside to make a snowman. They've been bugging us for a while now to make one but it's been so cold that we couldn't pack the snow to make it work. They were upset when he started to melt so Pat took them out the next day to try and fix him. Of course by that point it was cold again so they had to make due with a snowman that was half old Frosty and half new Frosty but it turned out pretty well.

Katie and Frosty

Helena and Frosty

Seamus and Frosty

On Monday of this week we took the kids to see Sesame Street Live down at the Fox Theatre. Of course the night before we had a really bad snow storm so it took us almost 2 hours to get there. Luckily we planned ahead and left early so we made it with plenty of time. One of the perks of the storm was that there were LOTS of empty seats. We had a great view of the stage and the kids loved it! They were dancing to the music and did really well until the very end. Seamus decided that he'd had "too much Elmo" as he put it and wanted to go. It was lunch time by the time the show was over so we took them next door to the Hockeytown Cafe for lunch. Or the "hockey puck" as the kids call it since they have a giant spinning puck on the roof of the building. We had lunch with a ton of other families who were at the same show so it was pretty busy. Our food came really quickly though and since they were hungry the kids pounded down some hot dog, chicken, fries, and chocolate milk. Big mistake... at least for Helena. She was still so excited and got to use a straw with her milk which they don't normally get to do. Poor thing ended up puking at the table and then twice more while I tried to get her to the bathroom. Needless to say, that ended our lunch pretty quickly. Of course at this point Helena had puke all over her, our extra clothes were in the diaper bag in the car, Pat's at the table with the other two, and Seamus is yelling that he wants Mommy... I got Helena back to the table to grab our coats to go and Seamus decides he has to go potty. Now, we've been really working with him on potty training and didn't want to stop the progress so Pat takes him to the bathroom while I take the girls to the car. Helena is still so distraught about the puke on her shirt that I have to strip her down in the car to change her. Remember we had a huge storm so it's freezing cold outside and snow is everywhere. I go to change her shirt and it falls into a puddle of slush. So now Helena is standing half naked in the car freezing her skinny little butt off while I'm tearing the diaper bag apart looking for another shirt. She finally was redressed just as Pat and Seamus get to the car. Seamus then tells me he peed on the hockey puck. At this point, Pat and I just laughed. Sometimes having triplets just makes you have to laugh or else you'd cry!

On our way to see Elmo!

Our new spinning Elmo light-up toys

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