Friday, February 4, 2011

Boyne 2011

This past weekend we took our annual trip to Boyne Mountain with the family. The last two years we’ve rented out a condo that all of us stay in together. We left on Friday morning and on Friday afternoon after a quick stop for lunch and a stop at the outlet mall in Westbranch, we got there and set up. The kids were going to be sleeping in their new sleeping bags they got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa H. on the floor. They were also going to use their new pillow pals as bedtime pillows. Needless to say, they were super excited about being there. We took them out sledding to tire them out and all 3 of them loved it this year. On Saturday we spent some time at the water park and then went sledding again in the evening. We didn’t bring the camera into Avalanche Bay but all 3 actually went down the water slide at least once this year. They played in the fountains, went down the kiddie slide, and even hung out in the hot tub. I think the highlight for everyone was when we went down the lazy river in tubes. Katie tends to freak out on things like that but she did surprisingly well. Aunt Becca, Uncle John, and the boys were there so I think that helped out. We went around so many times that Helena actually started to fall asleep. The water was kind of cold so we decided to call it a day at the water park and head back to the condo. After lunch the kids were in desperate need of a nap so we took a drive into Petoskey so they would sleep. Good thing too because they all crashed and were ready for the GCU dinner when we got back. Sledding that evening was even more fun than the night before because Pat tried to go snowboarding. Very comical stuff! Sunday we packed up and headed home. The kids were so over tired that they actually came down with some fevers and flu-like symptoms for a few days. Probably a coincidence but I doubt it. It was way better than last year though when everyone came down with the stomach flu. Yesterday we decided to take the kids out to Rain Forest Café at Great Lakes Crossing. They had been cooped up all week so a dinner out and a walk around the mall sounded like a good idea. To say that the kids loved it would be an understatement. Their little heads were on swivels from the time we walked in, until we walked out. We even got them a fancy souvenir cup with an Icee inside. The moving animals, lights and sounds, fish tanks, and good food made their days. We actually ran into some friends of ours as well while we were there. Tomorrow we will be making some heart shaped shelves at the Home Depot with Aunt Kathy D. Should be fun!

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