Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

Today we braved the crazy Michigan weather and went to have breakfast with Santa. The Berlin Twp Fire Department was hosting the breakfast so we met Aunt Becca, Clay, and Drew this morning for a visit with the big guy. We also got to see 3 cars in the ditch on the way there as well as some of the fire trucks at the station. The girls again had no problem going to say hi but Seamus wanted nothing to do with him. Pat had to hold him to even get him close enough for a picture. Funny that he didn't mind taking the candy cane when it was all over. I'm doing the snow dance hoping for no school tomorrow but it's not looking very good. The 4 inches or so we got today is just not quite enough. We've lost power a bunch of times today too because of the weight of the snow so maybe the odds are better for no school due to a power outage. Oh well either way, only 7 more work days and then Christmas Break!

Wow! A real fire truck!

Fire-Girl Katie

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