Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Drew!

Well its been about two weeks since we have put the kids into toddler beds. It has been getting better since they pulled off the door. We decided to put them to sleep a little later and read them a story while they are in bed to calm them down. The only problem now is half the time we find Helena sleeping on the floor. Hopefully this whole sleeping in the bed thing will be routine by the time works starts up for Mary and I again. On Friday we went to Drew's Birthday Party, then we went to the Metro beach on Sunday and went on Uncle Steve's boat (except for Katie, because she's a scaredy bug). We then went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Murphy and got to see Uncle Ed, Aunt Deb, Uncle Pat and Bryan, Shannon, Jack and Kevin. On Wednesday we went to the zoo and afterwards went to McDonald's for lunch and let them play in the tubes for the first time after eating their nuggets. Today we went to the Armada Fair before Mary went out to dinner with some people for work. Can you tell we're trying to squeeze in as much into the end of the summer as possible? While Mary was gone tonight we finally got some rain after the drought we've been having this year. But unfortunately a tornado warning came with the rain. Of course when 3 two year olds have to be corralled and brought down two flights of stairs when they expect to put on their pajamas is quite the experience, especially when you're out numbered three to one. All turned out well as all the storms passed south of us. Next week Aunt Kathy Murphy is coming up from NC for the week so we should have some fun before work starts up again. The pictures are from Drew's 3rd Birthday Party.

Seamus riding a Dinosaur at Drew's Party

Helena playing at Drew's Party

Katie having a ball at Drew's Party

Happy Birthday to Drew

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