Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Kathy! Who??

Today is Aunt Kathy Murphy's birthday. We had the honor of celebrating it with her since she's in town from North Carolina for the week and is staying with us. The kids were super excited to tell her Happy Birthday and give her a present and cards. This is after yesterday where for a little while Seamus decided that he didn't want it to be Aunt Kathy's birthday. Now I might need to explain something... my poor kids... they are seriously confused. They have too many Aunt Kathys and I mean WAYYYYY too many. Sometimes I even lose track. We have resorted to giving them nicknames to try and keep them all straight. We have Aunt Kathy Murphy who's birthday it is today and who's bed is called the Aunt Kathy bed where Katie takes her naps most days. Not to be confused with Aunt Cathy Murphy, our sister-in-law and Dan's wife. Keep in mind they can't spell so the K to C thing isn't a clue for them yet. Then we have Aunt Kathy Doggy- my friend Kathy who has a puppy named Thor. Any time we mention that Kathy we hear "she has a doggy... it's name is Thor puppy", hence the nickname. Then we have Aunt Kathy Soup, my aunt and my dad's sister. She comes over to visit and brings soup for lunch which they love. We could have also called her Aunt Kathy crackers I guess since that's the next thing they say when we talk about her or soup! Her last name starts with an S though so we stuck with soup. Then there's my Aunt Kathy Huddas, my Uncle Richard's wife. I also have a cousin named Kathy and a Katie(Kathryn) cousin as well. Why do I feel like I'm forgetting someone? Oh yeah, our own little Katie who might one day decide she really wants to be a Kathy instead. We've created a monster!

Katie giving Aunt Kathy her card at breakfast

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