Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

Happy Easter a few days late! We all had a great holiday visiting family. Poor Katie was super itchy though! She had a major allergic reaction and ended up going to the doctor on Saturday. Something always seems to happen around the holidays that makes us take a visit to see the pediatrician. The Easter bunny was able to find us at the new house, thank goodness!! Now that the holiday is over the girls have a cold, Seamus I'm sure probably will by tomorrow and Helena is getting in a tooth. She's been super crabby. You know it's bad when last night as we're getting them ready for bed Katie starts saying "stop baby Na-nee." Na-nee is what Seamus and Katie call Helena and she was screaming and crying because she didn't want to wear jammies with feet or at least not the ones I had out for her. Helena's favorite 3 words right now are no, Elmo, and stuck. If you ask her any question at all the answer is no and anything she doesn't want like pj's with feet means that she is stuck. Why do I think we may be in for some serious trouble with that one? I think I've mentioned our whole Elmo obsession before but Elmo could really be all of their favorite words right now. Good thing the Easter Bunny brought all of us a new Elmo's World dvd. We needed a little variety!

Love our new bunny ears!

Seamus finding his basket

Katie's found hers!

What's that behind the chair Helena?

Katie with her itchy cheeks, poor girl!

Seamus looking handsome

Helena looking sassy

Say "cheese"!

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