Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Showers...

April showers and colder weather have made for some boring blogging in the Murphy house this month. We are working on preparations for the big 2nd birthday party but beyond that, not a whole lot has been going on. Grandpa Huddas is almost fully recovered from his surgery. He still says he’s sore sometimes but is keeping up with the trio on a daily basis now. No more days off for Pat and I… boo! Our goal of the next few weeks is to work on the list of repairs/updates that has been growing at the house since we moved in. We’ve got to get out septic tank drained because God knows when it was done the last time, fix some mortar on the chimney and corner of the garage, work on the duct work for our dryer, fix some loose and rotting boards on the deck, and level our air conditioner with the hope that it will actually work when we turn it on the first time. One of the joys of buying a new home in the dead of winter I guess. By the way, that’s the short list! The long one would make up for my lack of blogging this month for sure! We’re going to try to do their 2 year pictures later this week or next so hopefully I’ll have a bunch of photos to post soon. For now, here's one of us building castles in the playroom.

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