Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oktoberfest '09

Today was the annual autumn celebration of Oktoberfest. We all went up to Grandma and Grandpa Huddas' house up north for a day of sausage and beer (no beer for the babies). There were a lot of little kids around for the babies to play with, which they can do now since they are all getting good at walking. After the babies had their lunch and played around outside we went on a tractor ride around the house and property while singing songs. After the tractor ride we had to quickly do the 2nd annual Shoe Kick before the rain came down. Last Sunday was the last official Liturgy at our church, as it is moving to a different location. This is a big deal for us because this is the church we were married in and where the kids were baptized. So we made sure that we got in to be part of the service and the luncheon afterward. The pictures are of last Sunday and today.

Katie with a bow in her hair for Church

Helena and Katie getting ready

Katie, Helena and Seamus eating at Church

Babies first pizza dinner!

Seamus showing off his new jersey at Oktoberfest

Katie with a Koala at Oktoberfest

Helena rocking the chair at Oktoberfest

Helena, Aunt Christi (AKA Swell), Seamus, Me and Helena on Tractor Ride

Shoe Kick (see the babies shoes way up in the air? They didn't win, who was the judge anyway?)

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Anne N. said...

It's really cool you captured the shoes in-air in that pic!
Note that the kids' feet are pointed downwards, and that your (and Christy's) hands are in the air.