Monday, September 14, 2009

This weekend we decided to all go to the park to play on the swings. They also now play in the rocks and in one of the jungle gym thingies. Katie is still a fan of the swing, so all three have a good time when we go to the park. On Sunday we went to the zoo, and this time we decided to get the kids out of their stroller and go into the Butterfly and Bird House. This was the first time we all walked at the zoo since strollers can't go into these areas. The walking didn't last very long in the Butterfly House because Seamus kept trying to pull flowers off and Katie likes to step on things. Therefore we were worried for the butterflies' safety and we carried them until we were in the bird house. We walked again in the Bird House, and if we weren't holding their hand I think they all would have gone swimming with the ducks. Later on Sunday we tried coloring for the first time, and of course one of them (Seamus) had to take a bite out of the crayon. We now have drawings hanging on the fridge and days worth of food inside of it. We now officially have a "Mom and Dad Fridge."

Katie swinging

Helena swinging

Seamus swinging

Katie, Seamus and Helena playing in the rocks.

Katie playing in the rocks

Helena playing in the rocks

Seamus playing in the rocks

Seamus, Helena, and Katie coloring for the first time

Helena and Katie coloring

Seamus coloring

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