Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not a "Baaad" Day

We were lucky enough to have the whole day together yesterday since Mary and I are both teachers and there was a Snow Day! So needless to say Friday stared off very well. The babies keep on growing and doing more every day. Katie has turned into a rolling machine lately she rolls both directs very easily now. She still needs to learn to stick up for herself a little more because she cries if her brother or sister takes her toys or rolls over on her. Seamus is painfully close to actually crawling, for a while he would look at what he wanted and try to get to it and go backwards. Friday he got up on his hands and knees and rocked back and forth before face planting or tipping onto his side. He learned that a couple of those faceplants will scoot him towards his goal so he is starting to get around a bit more now. He also seems pretty close to getting his first tooth because he has a rough part on his gums and keeps putting anything he can right on his bottom gum. Helena still has no teeth, which is good for Mary and I because she has grown fond of biting us, especially in the face area. She has bitten me countless times on the chin and nose, she even makes a little growling noise when she does it! She is moving around a lot too, she pretty much gets around by rolling until she hits something she wants to play with. She does well rolling because she still never wants to be still, she is still our little "wiggle worm." The most exciting thing for me yesterday was the babies eating their first meal with meat in it. They had my favorite kind...lamb (this should explain the title, I know its a bad joke but I can't help it, sorry). At first they all weren't sure about the new taste and texture, but Seamus decided he liked it after 3 bites, Katie came around after about half of it and Helena did not eat it well until today. I was very happy because I have been wanting to give them meat since they ate the Rice Cereal for the first time. The first picture is Seamus caught sneaking up on Katie, the second one is Snow Day Story Time and the last photo is the girls playing with each other (Helena is on the left, Katie is on the right).

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mikey/kimmmy said...

the two girls look like sumo wreslers