Monday, December 15, 2008

Fill in the blank...

Ok now that I have a few minutes hopefully I can fill in the blanks from my last post. First Katie's teeth... She officially has 2 of them! Her middle teeth on the bottom are in which makes her do this cute little thing with her tongue since she's still not used to them. Seamus is teething right now too which makes him very droolly and barfy but no actual teeth for him yet. Helena doesn't have any yet either even though she acts like she's teething with how cranky she can be. Seamus started wearing a TOT collar last week which is supposed to stop him from tilting his head. Now that we've started to see some results with his head reshaping his cervical spine has shifted which makes him tilt his head slightly to the right. This TOT collar is basically a plastic thing that goes around his neck, he can only wear it while he's awake so seeing results may take a little while. On top of that he can't wear his helmet with it so hopefully that won't slow down any results we're seeing there. Our Christmas pictures of the babies turned out awesome! Hopefully if Pat gets them scanned in tonight I can add them to this post. Our Christmas tree is up and very cute! It's about 3 and 1/2 feet tall and has only a handful of ornaments on it but it's all lit up and the babies like to look at it so I'm happy. We went to the tree farm to get it but stayed back at the lodge while everyone else went and got theirs and picked ours out for us. I'm not that brave (or crazy) to take three 6 month old babies out on a tractor ride in 30 degree weather! We then went back to Aunt Becca's house and had lunch. We got to use our booster chairs for the first time and the babies did pretty good with them.
Kathy and Chris Dressig's wedding was on Friday. Both Pat and I stood up in their bridal party so Aunt Mel, Uncle John, and Aunt Christi came over to babysit. It was a really nice wedding and Pat and I both had a good time. I can't wait to get some of the pictures printed up and to see how they adjust to finally living in the same house after almost 10 years of dating! Kathy I'm sure I'll be getting some phone calls just like you got when Pat and I first were married!!
I think the last thing that I need to update was our visit with St Nick on Sunday. My cousins Suzanne and George did a great job with the kids. Their play and singing was really cute! I especially liked the donkey played by George Swanney. They all did an awesome job with their parts. St Nick was a hit too. He had gifts for all of the kids and all 3 of the triplets came home with a whole goody bag of stuff.
On that note...Pat just sent me the Christmas pictures so they'll be posted today... Katie is in the red and white and Helena is in plaid (Seamus too!).

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