Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kiawah Island 2013

This year, with Easter being so early, we spent it in Kiawah Island, SC  on our annual trip to see Aunt Kathy Murphy. There was some excitement on the trip and it all really started on Easter.  We got to our beach house Saturday March 30th. After checking in we took the kids to play in the ocean.
Kids on the balcony of the beach house our first day in SC
The next Morning the Easter Bunny managed to find the kids on the island.
Easter Bunny's Presents

Easter Bunny's Presents

Seamus and Helena finding the presents

Katie with some candy and her new doll, Baby Love

Helena with Baby Ocean, Katie with Baby Love

Seamus' Easter Jump for Joy
Afterward we got dressed for church and snapped a few pictures before heading to the Holy Spirit Church, where we saw VP of the USA Joe Biden! 

The trio Easter Morning

Katie on Easter Morning

Seamus on Easter Morning

Helena on Easter Morning
After Church we got some Family shots on the boardwalk to the beach before heading to our Easter Brunch.

The Family on Easter

All of us with Aunt Kathy Murphy
Kids looking at the ocean 

Trio at the Ocean on Easter 
Trio and Aunt Kathy Murphy at the Ocean on Easter 

Seamus and Aunt Kathy Murphy at the Ocean on Easter 

After the pictures we went to Easter Brunch at the Restaurant in Turtle Point Golf Course. After ceating and checking out the pro shop and walked around the course for a bit.

The kids at Turtle Point Golf Course after Brunch

The clubhouse 

Golf Cart

Front of the clubhouse

The next day we went on  a bike ride along the beach, and later around the Island. The beach was a slow go on the bikes because the kids were either jumping off  their bikes to pick up a sea shell, or their training wheels would sink into the sand to create a stationary bike.  While were biking around the island we were going though a golf course. At one point during the ride, Seamus almost went into one of the big ponds/water hazards. We then learned that an alligator was lurking in the water a few feet away. We lingered to take some pictures before getting the kids away when the gator began to approach us. Mary stayed even longer to take some more shots.

Scenery on the bike ride 

Tired kids on the second bike ride of the day

Bike ride rest

Where we found the alligator

The alligator approaching

Mary's Croc Hunter photo
That evening we went out to fancy dinner at the Ocean Course. Not only did we have a delicious meal, but we got some pretty pictures of a PGA course.

Ocean Course 

Ocean Course Club House

Rolex Clock at the Ocean Course

Aunt Kathy Murphy on the porch at the clubhouse

Ocean Course Sun Set

The next day we took pictures for the kids 5 year portraits. On the way back we saw another giant alligator we named Allister. Later we ended up trying to go on another bike ride, but Katie did not want to ride near the water after our wildlife encounter the day before. After a short ride we went back to the beach house for a quick lunch before hitting the beach. It looked like the warmest day, but was really one of the chilliest. That didn't stop us from having beach fun! That evening we all worked together to cook a Sea Food Boil! After a nice diner we took a walk along the beach before getting the trio into bed.

Group Photo taken at the Sanctuary

Katie Photo taken at the Sanctuary

               Seamus Photo taken at the Sanctuary

Helena at the Sanctuary

Trio having fun

Helena and Mommy at the beach

Kids getting ready to eat the Sea Food Boil
SC Sea Food Boil
On Wednesday, we went for a long watch down the beach to try and see the Dolphins Feed. The Dolphins didn't show up, but we had a nice stroll down the beach before spending the afternoon in Charleston. While there we went on a horse carriage ride around the city before doing a little shopping. That evening we had a quiet night where the kids watched a movie.

Beached Sting Ray we saw on our morning walk

Aunt Kathy, Katie and I
Helena on our Dolphin walk 
All of us on the carriage ride
Seamus and Loretta

Replica of hand powered Civil War submarine

Charleston Building

At the Moon Pie Store in Charleston SC
All of us with Loretta
The next day we had breakfast at the Sanctuary in a restaurant called The Jasmine Porch. We made sure to get our Jar of Warm Weather for Grandpa Huddas While we were there. Since it started raining, we packed up and headed back to NC.

Helena and Katie at the Sanctuary
That night we watched the movie The Guardians with the trio since they (and we) were pretty tuckered out.On Friday, our last day before starting to head home. We met Aunt Kathy Murphy's friends for breakfast. 
Last day in NC

Helena silly face

We stopped once more in Ohio before heading home. Once again it was a great trip! We already can hardly wait for April 2014...

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