Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Head Doctor and Pre School Field Trip

After a long couple weeks of work for Mary and I, which included State Testing, the funeral of our friend Bill and Parent Teacher Conferences. At least it ended in a bit of fun I was lucky enough to be a part of.  On Thursday Mary took the kids to Children's Hospital for Seamus' check-up with the Cranio-Facial Specialist. Good thing the Easter Bunny made his early stop, because there is an hour wait there on  good day and the kids pass the time on their iPads. The real good news is that his head looks good and he didn't need any extra scans or tests, he just needs a yearly check for a couple more years. The next day I got to take off work and go to the kids' preschool field trip to Pump it Up. The best part was spending the day with the kids and then going out to a Lobsterfest dinner at Red Lobster with the Family. The worst part was having the Technotronics stuck in my head because of the name of the filed trip destination.

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