Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dance and Church Christmas Parties

This year is our first year dancing with the Zamek Polish Dance group. Every year they have a big Christmas party with a catered dinner and even invite Santa to come. The kids had a great time having dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Huddas along with their teacher, Ms. Pam and her family. Grandpa was hoping he would see a sneak peak of their dancing but he's going to have to wait until April like everyone else for the recital!
Helena and Santa
Seamus and Santa

Katie and Santa
This year for the catechism play, the girls got to be angels and Seamus was a Magi.  They all had lines this year too!  Here is a picture of the girls saying "do not be afraid".  Seamus's 2 lines were  "look a star" and "I will give him gold".  They were all so proud and did a great job!
Angels Katie, Helena, and Margie

Magi Seamus, bearing gold

Singing for St Nicholas to come
The children did a great job singing for St Nicholas and he even showed up to pass out presents to all of the kids and their teachers.  Poor St Nick (Uncle Mike) even got the honor of holding some of the teachers on his lap!
Helena and St Nick

Seamus and St Nick

Katie and St Nick

Aunt Becca

Aunt Christi

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