Friday, October 5, 2012

Soccer and Dance

The kids are going to be busy the next couple of months. On September 8th, the kids started playing soccer again. This is a whole new team with all new kids, including their cousin Drew which made them very excited.

On top of soccer, we have the kids in a Polish Dance group which we started yesterday night and will be on Thursday nights. We all went to the St. Anne's Festival a few weeks ago to see them dance and meet their teacher. They have all been very excited about starting dance, but no one was more excited than Helena after she saw the "Princess Dresses" at the festival. They had a great time last night, and Mary and I were both relieved when we learned they was a seamstress to make the costumes. Neither one of us can really sew, although Mary is better than me... she can fix buttons. So, we have two days of activities planed on top of 5 day a week preschool. We may have lost our minds.