Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wayyyy Behind!

I realized a few days ago that we had not posted anything since June. Somehow the summer got away from us. I guess that means we were busy and having a ton of fun! Back in June, after being up north at Yogi Bear, I got to spend M-F at a conference renewing some of my credits for work. Needless to say, that was neither fun nor exciting but it's done. The 4th of July week we went to my Aunt Mary's house on the lake for a bbq and boat rides. We also went to the graduation party of one of my former students who also happened to be one of the kids Pat worked with as a trainer a million years while he was in college. It's so strange how time flies! July brought a bunch of little excursions for us. We celebrated Grandpa Huddas's and Grandma Murphy's birthdays, the kids had a sleepover with Drew and Clay, we went to Pittsburgh for a surprise 18th birthday party for Luke, and Aunt Kathy Soup had her annual corn roast. I also spend a few days in Indianapolis for some training for work. July also brought us a broken air conditioner which thankfully has been replaced! August starting with me going to MSU for one final work conference of the summer. Thank God I only have to do this kind of stuff once every 5 years. The day after I got home, we headed up north again to West Branch for some camping and golf at Treetops. This past week Pat's sister Kathy was in town for a short visit. We all love having her in town and miss her when she leaves. That leads up to now... We are trying like crazy to fit a bunch of FUN into our summer before I go back to work on Tuesday. We spent the day at the lake yesterday with friends of mine from work. The kids had a blast swimming and tubing. Today is Drew's 5th birthday party which should be a ton of fun. I'm sure more swimming will be involved. Tomorrow we are going to the zoo with Aunt Kathy Doggy and the twins, and Monday we are going to have a special Mommy and girls/ Daddy and boy day. Pat has some special plans for him and Seamus and Katie, Helena and I will have some special time too. Wow, that's one condensed version of the last 2 months! Here are some pictures to highlight our time...
Helena knocking down trees with Grandpa
Luke's 18th Birthday Party
Fishing in West Branch
Katie driving Grandpa's Tractor
Farmer Seamus
Farmer Helena
Treetops Golf Resort
Cheese Shop in Pinconning
The Armada Fair
Aunt Kathy and Seamus
The KMMs Kathy, Katie, and Kevin
Grandpa's Birthday