Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween '11

This year's Halloween should have been sponsored by the good people at Disney. The kids made four appearances dressed as Buzz Lightyear (Seamus), Woody (Helena), and Jessie (Katie). The first time we went out for Halloween was Friday for my work's Family Night Trunk or Treat. The kids had a good time playing in the gym with the other kids. There were two parachutes to play with which were a huge hit. The next day Katie, Seamus and Helena played their last outdoor soccer game until spring. After their game we went Trick or Treating in Downtown Romeo with Grandma and Grandpa Huddas, Aunt Becca, Uncle John, Clay and Drew. Sunday after "Church School' and Mass, we got the kids dressed up again for a Halloween party at church. By the time the actual day of Halloween we were overrun with candy already and Mary and I were Trick or Treated out. The same cannot be said for the kids. They were running to every house when we went Trick or Treated at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Pat's house with Kevin, Uncle Tim, Aunt Robin, and Conner. We weren't sure if we'd make it, because during dinner at Aunt Debbie's Seamus barfed. I don't know if it as a combination of a stuffy nose and the excitement of Halloween, but he was able to tough it out and had a great time going out with his sisters and cousins. All in all everyone had a great time this last week, especially the kids.

Katie as Jessie

Helena as Woody

Seamus as Buzz Lightyear

Trunk or Treating at work

Snack time at the last fall game for The Pumpkins

Trick or Treating in Romeo

Helena at Aunt Debbie's house

Katie and Seamus at Aunt Debbie's house

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